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wittenberg offers majors in a range of business disciplines, each of which combines professional expertise, practical experience and a solid liberal arts foundation.

in addition to at least one required internship experience, every student has numerous opportunities for high-impact experiences.

wittenberg offers courses across the spectrum of business, including accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, leadership and management, marketing, law, human resources, international business, logistics and operations. through a combination of electives and targeted applied-business experiences, both within the business department and throughout the university, each student can craft an experience that uniquely meets his or her personal and professional goals.

in the context of a liberal arts education, the study of business is enhanced as students are challenged to integrate and sometimes reconcile many different perspectives. many students combine their business major with a major and/or minor in another area. the resulting diversity, with many students pursuing unique academic combinations, enhances class discussions and equips graduates with greater adaptability, empathy and vision. students quickly learn that many problems are more complex than they may initially appear. over time, this awareness changes how they approach problems altogether. our students are challenged to build their capacity to tackle problems that are often without a clear answer.

wittenberg prepares business majors to embrace exploration, change and challenges in new ways that reveal solutions both innovative and valuable. in the words of one business alumnus, "wittenberg develops well-rounded, out-of-the-box thinkers, who can not only paint a vision and design a path to achieve it, but can also inspire others to make big things happen."

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