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faculty resources

on oct. 16, provost michelle mattson announced plans for spring semester, including significant modifications to the academic calendar. read message here.

faculty covid-19 faq

the fall implementation team (fit) met meeting weekly over the summer to consider how best to support faculty throughout the fall semester and return to in-person learning. below are some resources we have developed. we understand the situation is still fluid, and we will update the documents and this web page as necessary.

a (possibly) helpful anagram to share with students:


attendance policy for students affected by covid

please remember: faculty must track student attendance in order to facilitate contact tracing. it is recommended that faculty use one of the available electronic-tracking methods (either self-service or moodle).

following are further resources that can prove valuable for the fall semester.

academic calendar: 2020-2021

requesting ada accommodations relating to teaching

these decisions for faculty will be made by the provost in consultation with hr. all authorizations for faculty must come from the provost.


we will respond as generously and as promptly as possible.

teams resources

moodle resources

additional faculty resources for teaching and advising.

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